From the initial no cost consultation, through the highly successful estate sale, Diligent Estate Sales is here to guide and assist your family through the entire Estate Sale process.  A no-nonsense, all-inclusive, flat rate fee is our standard.  "Tall" Rob and his team of experts will survey the personal property and create a plan on how Diligent will achieve a highly efficient estate sale. The Diligent team will set up the home for success, by researching, appraising, arranging, and selling the personal property designated for sale by the homeowner.

The Estate Sale

Diligent provides the overall management and direction of the estate sale. With over 300 estate sales successfully completed, the  Diligent team knows how to get it done the right way. This includes all marketing efforts, item sales, and team management. 

Our Buyers

A huge benefit of selecting Diligent Estate Sales to conduct your sale is it's large and loyal buyer base.  Over the years, Diligent has established the largest, and most loyal buyer base in the industry, now exceeding ove 6,500 regular buyers who are personally invited to shop our sales.  This puts Diligent Estate Sales in the unique position to sell the highest percentage of items per estate sale than any other company.  Diligent averages over 80% items sold per sale!!!